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Dyno Mill is an agitator bead mill with a horizontal grinding container for dispersion and finest wet grinding in a completely enclosed system. The dyno mill is appropriate for a wide range of items from low to exceptionally gooey pumpable items. Uniquely composed instigator circles, mounted symmetrically on a pole, exchange the vitality required for scattering and wet granulating to the round crushing globules. An outside pump feeds the product into the mill.

Dyno mill is available in different designs and sizes, from small laboratory model up to huge factories for creation plants, offering the ideal size for each application. The mill equipment, material, and grinding bead separation system can be adapted to the individual needs of each application.

Dyno Mill has a wide range of application:-

  • Ink Industry
  • Dye Stuffs and pigmentation production
  • Paint industry
  • Food Industry
  • Audio and Video tape coating
  • Thermal and fax paper coating
  • Fillers for paper and plastics industries
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Tipco Engineering is evolved as an eminent dyno mill manufacturers and Suppliers that provides a wide range of dyno mill and various other products such as Planetary Mixers, Drum Lifters, Dispensers. The company uses innovative and advanced technologies in designing this product to satisfy our client. Our each product is precisely engineered to meet the exact need and demands of our clients with proper specification and the material used in designing are procured from reputed vendors of the market. In order to meet the increasing complex demands of industry, Sawhney Industry is dedicated to bringing out quality products.

Dyno Mill

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Dyno Mill

Dyno Mill

Dyno Mill


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